Architunity® LLC
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Architunity® LLC Service Offerings

Architunity® LLC excavates architecture opportunities through innovative discovery techniques. Our expertise is codified in the Architecture Body of Knowledge™ (ABoK™), a collection of governance best practices, automation principles, a technology catalog, and solution assembly patterns. With service offerings like ABoK™ AdoptionSM and ABoK™ ActionSM, we transform organizations into high energy delivery factories.

ABoK™ AdoptionSM

Empowering people with governance best practices, architecture principles, a technology catalog, and solution assembly patterns that unleash your organization’s full potential. This service helps you adopt ABoK™ through a tailoring process and role alignment. Governance bodies are chartered and staffed with close consultation on artifact authoring, change control procedures, and process automation.

ABoK™ ActionSM

Excavation of opportunities through innovative opportunity discovery techniques. Institutionalization of ABoK™ best practices with this offering puts into motion the discipline necessary to innovate with predictable and desirable outcomes.

Opportunities through Discovery.

Innovation by Design.

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